All life is delicate, trees are no different

Trees are hardy life forms, but even they are affected
by things that are not always easy to see every day

Design, development & land use planning

Pressure to develop while continuing the designed landscape character. Read more

Resilience and vulnerability of the NCA's urban forest

Current vulnerability of tree population in the face of future trends. Read more

Heritage and culture

Many of the NCA-managed trees are covered by heritage listings and therefore are protected by law. Read more

Community participation and knowledge

Increasing transparency and accountability regarding Canberra's treescape between the community and government. Read more

Maintenance, data, monitoring and evaluation

In order to make evidence-based decisions, we need robust data and information about our treed assets. Read more

Governance and management arrangements

Ensuring there is a strategic positioning in place for the management of NCA-managed trees. Read more

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