Governance and management arrangements

What are the issues?

Canberra’s urban forest is complex. It is managed by a number of agencies, including the NCA and ACT Government. This governance can often lead to a number of challenges including resourcing and management issues. Where common boundaries occur, a collective approach is critical to the management of our treescape.

Traditional owner engagement is paramount to secure a resilient and thriving future urban forest. Developing partnerships and articulating roles and responsibilities for both NCA’s trees and the broader Canberra urban forest will ensure that Canberra remains a garden city through good on-ground outcomes.

Regatta Point, Lake Burley Griffin, Parkes, 2018
Regatta Point, Lake Burley Griffin, Parkes, 2018

What does best practice look like?

  1. Shared urban forest narrative, vision and targets
  2. Shared knowledge and outcomes, including indigenous, heritage, biodiversity values
  3. Strong clear and transparent lines of communication
  4. Partnership agreements for shared boundaries
  5. Clear leadership and strategic management planning facilitated by champions
  6. Strong investment based on sound cost benefit analysis whereby trees are managed as valuable assets
  7. Adequate and shared resources
  8. Proactive and strategic roll out of tree works programs
  9. Integration of tree management policies into all infrastructure works programs and developments.
Yarramundi Reach, Lake Burley Griffin, 2017
Yarramundi Reach, Lake Burley Griffin, 2017
Tree Removal, Federation Mall, 2019
Tree Removal, Federation Mall, 2019

How could these issues be addressed?

  1. Strengthen collaboration with key stakeholders across Canberra
  2. Develop a shared vision that aligns with Sustainable Development Goals
  3. Through partnerships, develop a cohesive approach to managing trees
  4. NCA leadership: strengthening of National Capital Plan
  5. Develop exemplar case studies and management tools
  6. Develop appropriate funding models to secure the long-term health, growth and viability of Canberra’s urban forest
  7. Explore alternative funding sources such as green bonds and philanthropic approaches.
King Edward Terrace, Parkes, 2019
King Edward Terrace, Parkes, 2019
Kings Park, Parkes, 2017
Kings Park, Parkes, 2017
Maintenance, data, monitoring and evaluation

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